A publication about Elba’s shore has counted along its coastline more than 150 beaches, some up to 1,5 km long, some just thirty-forty metres. Speaking about geology and orography we can say that Elba is also more varied with a large variety of different rocks, forming a hilly and mountainous landscape that culminates with Cima Del Monte (516 m above sea level) on the East side, with Monte Orello (377 m above sea level) in the centre, and with Monte Capanne (1019 m above sea level), the top of the granite range, on the West side. The study of its geology tells us of very ancient rocks, like those forming Mount Calamita promontory considered older than 500 million years,  to more recent formations of "only" 100,000 years.  The long geomorphological processes, including the ascent of two magmatic plutons, have led to today’s island structure and to the presence of about 150 different minerals in the soil of Elba, with a variety of geological structures that are not easily found even in much larger regions.


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