Besides the natural aspects the islandshows many signs ofa past rich inhistory. Elbahas been inhabitedsince ancient times forits richness inmetals. The ironin particularmade ​​the wealthof the Etruscan peoplewho knew how toexploitthe valuableore deposits. The Romansquarriedgranite,and so theRepublic of Pisa didin the Middle Ages, defending the islands ofTuscanyand becoming richwith the resources of the Archipelago. Elba, situated in acentral location in thenorthern Tyrrhenianandso rich inraw materials, wascovetedby thegreat European powerswho have tried toconquer it. The Grand Dukeof Tuscany CosimoI de' Medici was thefirst to realizeits strategic valueand fortifiedPortoferraio. The Medicean ambition was followed by the Spaniards who createdthefortress ofPortolongone, nowadays Portoazzurro, while therest of the islandwas left includedtheprincipalityof Elba and Piombino, ruled by the Appiani. It will takeonly Napoleonthento unify such adivided island.

These are justsome of the importanthistorical events that haveleft tangible evidences and monuments on Elba. AntonelloMarcheseis ready toguide you to discovera rich andunexpected historyforsuch a small island.


La storia dell'Isola d'Elba.

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